A Brief Update

The audition went well.  On arriving, I realized that nearly everyone had received their sides that day; having had mine for almost a week meant I had a significant advantage.  I used the space well, didn’t rush, the auditors seemed to like it.  They sent me out to read for another role which was also well received.  Not sure when they’ll send out casting notifications, but even if I don’t get the part, it feels good to know that I rocked a good audition.

I’m always surprised when people laugh at unexpected places.  Looking back, this reinforces what I’ve been told for years – the harder I try to be funny, the less funny I am.  When I wasn’t aiming for laughs was when I was most effective.  The exact same principle held true for Christine Schmidt’s script read (which went very well). Something to work on.

As I was typing the previous paragraph, I received an email saying my application was accepted to the William Esper Studios.  They just told me I have an interview April 10th to evaluate me for their six week summer intensive.  That’s good news!

Had my first rehearsal with Rhapsody Collective.  What a blast!  Great, friendly group of people.  We’re putting together a devised theatre piece based around the idea of dreams.  I’m dual cast as an airline pilot and a creeper being gross on a the back of a plane.  Type cast AGAIN, right?  Read more and feel free to donate here.