First NY Gig

Well, we’ve got ourselves a gig.

Signed up for a Backstage account, got cast in a short film the day of.  It’s nothing too prestigious, but I snagged the lead so hopefully I’ll have some good footage to show for it.

Short description from the casting notice:  “Amir Asad (dir.) is casting “Pretentious,” a short student film based on the biblical story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah.”  Looks like I’ll have to do a a little biblical research.  It films this Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  At least we’re staying busy.

The Esper Studios interview is locked in, April 10th at 2:30.

What else… Saw my friend Penny kill it at an open mic last night, she’s fantastic.  You can listen to more of her stuff here.  Rhapsody meets up again 6:30 on Thursday, so that’ll be good.

That’s all for now.  “Be young and hungry”