New Website up!

C/O Elizabeth Goodspeed, graphic designer extraordinaire.  Check her out.  Way more manageable, user-friendly, and polished than the last site.  Plus, URL.  Pretty thrilled. 

 Let's see:

  • Scenes From The Underground coming along nicely.  First few round of auditions under our belt.  Writers coming together.  Have to figure out various guild restrictions/possibilities, but overall very promising.
  • About to get my demo reel touched up with some of the test footage from Scenes.  Will update once I have it.
  • Found a teaser online for Good Dads.  
  • Like everyone else in January, I'm back in the gym for the first time since getting hit by that truck.  Humbling.  Looking forward to getting back to my ideal performance shape.  

School + Scenes taking up most of my time.  Not bad problems to have.