4/20/13 update

Let’s keep it brief, as today is far too gorgeous to stay inside.

- Had a great rehearsal with Rhapsody.  The show is really coming together.  Here’s a pic from rehearsal.  

-Had a good audition this morning for Rainsworth Productions.  Hilarious stuff, there was the normal monologue section of course, but then there was also this part where I had to pitch my idea for my dream TV show and in 30 seconds convince the auditor why they had to choose me.  I came up with “24” but set in Ancient Greece, and directed by Michael Bay and instead of fast cars there would be chariots and you’d have a pegasus instead of a helicopter and so on, and they were howling with laughter.  So that’s good.
-Finally finished sanding and repainting that table.  Finally. All I need to do now is throw a finish on it and we’re good to go.
-Headed to see STS9 tonight with some friends, excited for my first NY concert.

That’s it!