A jumble

The Esper 6 week ends tomorrow.  It’s been a trip.  Good people, raw emotions, and a practical, applicable method of crafting.  In six weeks I’ve come a considerable way.  There’s more to go, though.

I was invited back for the two year program.  I’ll be attending in September.

There’s a lot coming up in me the last six weeks.  A lot of it was a muddy wash of feeling, hard to discern what was going on, only knowing that somewhere something was changing.  Lately it’s been clearer though – it’s the sort of delicious anxiety one feels when they’re right on the precipice of a next step.  Half on, half off, terrified and excited to make the leap.  It’s this panicked delight that reassures me I’m in the right place.

I’ve always been an impulsive person, ever since I was young.  This would of course get me into trouble, and I feel like much of my adolescence was centered around neutering those impulses.  Stop/evaluate/make the intelligent decision, don’t act on feeling and impulse.

Comfort is the enemy of achievement.

An acting teacher I have quotes this a lot, I’m probably bastardizing it but the sentiment is there:  “An actor’s intelligence is a murderer lurking in the dark, waiting for the chance to jump out and destroy any signs of life.”  Giving in, surrendering, being real, so counterintuitive and so strong.

Demo still coming along.  There’s a huge lead re: representation I’m currently fleshing out, but I won’t be able to figure that all out until I return from Seattle on the 12th.  Post more when I know more. Saw some great theatre yesterday, my homegirl Amanda Berry killing it at the Samuel French OOB Short Play festival.

I sound designed a show (Don’t Forget Your Pants) directed by my boy James Challis that closed a few days ago at the Havana Theatre in Vancouver.   Don Alexander, the same guy who reviewed the production of Emma I was in, reviews the play here.

Finally, the fight choreography piece “Tipping Point” myself and Tyler Heathman put together is finally finished.  You can view it here. 

Woman played by Olivia De Boutray. DoP and Editor: Charles McDowell, MUA: Ursula Opalka, PA and Fight Music: Ira Carrithers, Slate/Waitress: Jenn Godwin.