Another play in the works

My friend Meriah was in town a few weeks ago from DC, and we met up for coffee and to go for a walk along the High Line.  When I arrived, she joked that I was the only early person in all of New York, and about how living here I will slowly start to  arrive later and later until I’m running behind schedule like the rest of the people in the city.

Fastforward to a few days ago:  I show up at rehearsal 30 minutes early to warm up.  I’ve had coaches for years tell me that “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is unacceptable.”  The playwright for our project Michael Block (also the founder of Rhapsody Collective) arrived soon after, and was surprised that someone had gotten there before him.  We got to chatting, and he mentioned to me that a member had dropped out of one of the other teams, and asked if I was available to take his place.   So now I’m in two Rhapsody shows, which is great.  Who knows if this would have happened had I shown up 30 minutes later?  It’s working so far, let’s keep it up.

The rehearsals for Collide (my original Rhapsody group) are going phenomenally well.  In addition to the multiple roles I’m acting in, I’m excited to get a chance to do some foley work, creating a large portion of the soundscape live from offstage.  We’ve got a killer group.

My parents are amazing.  They’ve racked up a ton of frequent flyer miles over the years, and for my birthday on friday they’re using a ton of them to fly four of my closest friends out from Seattle to New York May 3-6th.  What an incredible gift!  It’s a good thing the furniture arrived today so they’ll have somewhere to sleep (well, three of them will anyway).  My college roommate Mitch will be out here a week after that, and my parents and brother and his girlfriend will be coming out here at different times in June.  Too cool.

I’ve started talking to an editor out here about taking my collected footage and putting it on a demo reel.  It should come together over the next few months once I receive back the footage from “Dealbreaker”, “Already Dead”, “Old Marine, New Spirit”, “Pretense”, and that untitled fight showcase thing I put together with Charles McDowell and Tyler Heathman.  That plus the footage I already have from “The Closet From Hell” should cover enough ground that I could get super well rounded reel – you’ve got different genres, different looks, some sensitive stuff, some action stuff, it’ll run the whole gamete.  What a cool world.