Back in town

I just flew in from Seattle the other night, and boy are my arms tired.

Now that that’s out of the way, life’s been grand.  Bullet points:

  • The summer intensive ended, and afterwards I was invited back to the two year program at Esper.  I’m starting September 19th.  This is huge.
  • I saw the latest rough cut of “Already Dead”, Chuck and Ryan have done a killer job with the footage.  They even managed to make me look good, which is no small feat.  Should be out come mid September.  It always blows my mind how much good stuff they can do in post-production.  (“We’ll fix it in post!”)
  • My good friend Howie booked a Disney cruise gig and will be abandoning us for the lovely waters around Florida for five months.  At his going away party I met some great people, including an industry individual who has taken an interest in me and is setting up a meeting with an agent sometime in the next few weeks or so.  Could be a huge lead.
  • Shaved off my hair, the army gig shoots on the 21st.
  • Spent some great times with friends and family back in Seattle.  My buddy James Challis came down for a few days from Vancouver, and put me in touch with Peter Johnston, the managing director atFade In Productions out of Brisbane, Australia.  They make some incredible stuff.  He’ll be in NYC later this month, so definitely going to meet up.  Another solid guy to know.
  • I’m currently scheduling  to meet up with Thomas Miller and Flora Stamatiades later this month for a career chat.  Some pretty prominent people taking time to chat about career direction, when to join union, what steps I need to take to get to where I want to be.  Mathis Dunn (Associate National Executive Director with SAG-AFTRA) put the meeting together, can’t rep this guy enough.  I’ve got some wonderful people extending hands to help me out, I feel pretty special.

Other than that, things are pretty standard.  Had a blast in Seattle, but it’s good to be back where the work is.   My boy Andy Lowe has threatened to write a guest column on here now and again, he’s the one who has made this site happen.  Hell of a guy, read his beer blog.

To close, here’s a picture of the graduating summer intensive class.