First NY performance tomorrow

A couple fun things going on with me as of late.


-Just finished tech two nights ago for “Collide”, we go up on the 12th at Alchemical Theater Lab.  The piece is in great shape.  Thrilled to make my NY debut with the good people of Rhapsody Collective.

-Had another rehearsal for “An Appeal to Heaven”, the other Rhapsody piece I’m in.  I’m a big fan of my character.  I’m not about to argue he’s a standup human being – he’s not (at all), but he is remarkably dynamic and layered.  Looking forward to figuring him out. Goes up May 26th.

-Left something at the Blue Man Audition a month or so back, the casting director will be there today so I can stop by and pick it up.  While I’m there I’ll see when the next general auditions are that I would be eligible for.  EDIT:  One year from the time of my first audition.

- Have an audition for some untitled TV thing on Discovery ID where I’d play a rookie cop.  That’s in a few days.

-I get my course schedule for the Esper program this week.

-Here’s one I’m REALLY excited for.  I’m auditioning for “Sleep No More” on the 23rd.  HUGE audition!  Going to go see it this next week.


- My buddies came and went.  So much good times.  Hit up MOMA, spent some time in Central Park, hopped around many a bar, took them to see “Silence! The Musical”.  Ahhh, the boys!

-My old roomie from college is coming down for a week or so tomorrow, that’ll be great.

-Came across a promo photo for something I did about six months ago which seriously cracked me up.  Me and fantastic Seattle actor Dennis Moore.

Only you can prevent forest fires.