First paid NY theatre gig

So you know how I always get cast as either gay or a villain?  I just got cast as a gay villain.  Woop woop!!

I got a really, really cool role in a new play:  “The Miss Longview Texas Drag Pageant”, by Mark Hooker.  I can’t say too much, so I’ll just copy and paste the description here:  “When a group of gay friends have Thanksgiving dinner together in the piney woods of east Texas, they have no idea the evening will hold secrets, love entanglements, a former lady lover, the local police, an escaped convict, space aliens, and Matthew McConaughey.  Madness and mayhem prevail, but the drag show must go on!”

If you want to see me dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, order tickets now!  Show runs December 12-15th, with a possible extension into January.

What else…

  •  Got hit with a killer cold last week, losing my voice, doctor said I should be 100% in a week or so.  Esper’s going well. We got our scenes today, but it’s kind of a pain to learn lines when you can’t vocalize.  I’ll figure it out though. I have voice class tomorrow, so we’ll see how well that goes.  A lot of ginger/lemon/honey in my life.
  • Rhapsody’s second cycle of plays is starting up again, excited to see how this unfolds.  Those will go up sometime spring of next year.
  • Found out my landlord is raising my rent by $700/month when my lease is up at the end of February, so I’m going to have to find a new place to live.  Yikes.
  • Zeus arrives on Wednesday!  Excited to have a little critter to keep me company.

I complain a lot about not having the quality of friends out here like I do back in Seattle, and to a certain extent that’s true – building history takes time, so of course the types of relationships I have out here won’t be nearly as rooted as those I’ve had since 8th grade.  That said, three different people have brought me soup in the past five days.  Makes me feel loved.

That’s all for now!