Mid July Upate

It’s July 15th.  It’s 93 degrees in my apartment.  It’s crazy humid, and I should probably do some laundry.  Headed back to Seattle  August 5th-12th.  It’ll be good to catch up with family and friends, hang out with my dog, and enjoy the remarkably less humid weather.  Then it’s back to the grind out here.

Good news:  Scored my first paying gig in New York.  Just cast in that army industrial video with Daniel Productions.  It deals with how to create a constructive atmosphere for soldiers to talk about emotional trauma endured while deployed, and the changes they face returning home.  One day rehearsal on August 3rd, one day filming on August 21st.  Baby steps.

Esper’s going incredibly well.  I’m frustrated and elated all at the same time, and I’m making progress.  Based on the work I’ve been putting up in class and the dialogues I’ve had with my professors, there’s a good chance I’m going to be invited to attend the two year program.  That’s what they’re known for – the flagship program that churned out alumni like Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Larry David, Aaron Eckhart and Jeff Goldblum (to name just a few).  While it would be the best training I’ve ever received, there’s also the issue of being out of the workforce for two years.  I have to check in with Suzanne Esper, my main acting teacher, regarding policies on absences due to booking paying gigs.  It’d be something special though.  I’m making good friends and contacts, seeing good theatre, and overall I’m pretty happy.  Figuring out the steps I need to take to wind up where I belong.

I’ll let you all know when I find out what’s next.  Take care.