The past week

Hey, just figured I’d fill you in on the last few days.  Nothing much to report career wise.  Have an audition in New Jersey on the 7th for this promotional gig.  Have my first reading of the new play tomorrow morning.  The first Rhapsody Project is going well, I should be off book here in a few days.

In my personal life, things are grand.  Making friends with neighbors is always nice.  My boys Mike, Karsten, James and Ira are all coming out here the 3rd-6th, which I’m thrilled about.  Let’s squeeze five 20-somethings into a 1-bedroom apt!  My college roomie Mitch is coming down here on the 12th to kick it for a week, explore the city.  That’ll be good.  Then I’ve got my brother and his girlfriend and my folks coming out here in early June.  Maybe I should think about picking up the apartment…

I just celebrated my 24th birthday.  Birthdays for me, at least the past few years, have been less of a time for celebration and more of a time for reflection.  Where did I see my self being at this point in time?  Where was I a year ago?  Where am I going to be next year?  Celebrated my good friend Howie’s 50th birthday as well, that was a blast.  Looked at my bank balance, realizing that if I’m going to be living off my savings until the end of the Esper intensive, I’m going to need to budget more.  I should be able to make it work though, then I can snag a job come August.

Been thinking a lot about my own personal connection between fear and hard work.  If it’s something you love, then it would make sense you’d want to strive for it harder than anything else.  But say you put your all into something and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t pan out – then what does that say about you?  It’s all fear based ego stuff, and in reality I’m doing just fine over here, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that what I’m doing isn’t enough.  The only way I get better is if I grind hard and get outside my comfort zone, that’s where growth happens.  Realizing that intellectually doesn’t serve to make it any less daunting.

That’s where we’re at right now.  Onwards and upwards!  Or something.  Oh yeah, and we all know what date is coming up.