Updates and a little inspiration for the day

Hey all, hope life finds you well.  Today is the day I head to Dinosaur BBQ with my homegirl Laura Vogels to catch up after a six year hiatus, can’t wait to snag some delicious food.

First rehearsals with full scripts start tomorrow for the Rhapsody projects – looks like the performance date is set for the 12th of May.  Have an audition on the 20th for Rainsworth Productions led by the insanely accomplished Naomi Brockwell.  Then I head that evening to see STS9 play at Roseland Ballroom, should be fun.  I’ll finally be getting furniture on the 23rd, going out for my buddy Howie’s birthday on the 25th, and celebrating my own birthday the very next day on April 26th. 24 years old on the east coast – crazy.  My boy Mitch should be headed out here mid May, so that means I’ll have the guitar as well as a good friend to rampage through town with.  Life is good for me.

And now, some inspiration.  Maybe this resonates more with me now after seeing the large concentration of subway buskers out here, or maybe it’s the need to see a little bit of beauty and hope in the midst of all the calamity, both abroad and all too close to home. Anyway, here’s a video of these two violinists I can’t stop watching lately.  If you haven’t had a chance to check this out, I highly recommend it.