Blue Man part 2

On the first day of the Blue Man Group auditions, over 150 people were called.  25 were called back for the morning of the second day.  It was cut down to 12 at noon, and down to 6 that evening.  Today myself and five other people attended the final round of auditions for the Blue Man group.

Out of the 150 people who auditioned, they didn’t take anyone.  Not a single one of us were accepted on the last day.  Crazy.

On the bright side, I did get this picture, which is pretty spectacular.

What a cool way to spend three days.

-Esper Interview moved to Friday, so that’s coming up.
-Got the full script for the Rhapsody project (it turns out one of the other final 6 guys is also a member of Rhapsody, super cool guy by the name of Christo Grabowski).
-Saw the rough cut of the fight sequence Tyler Heathman and I put together, will post it when it’s done.  If you think of awful B fight movies, you’re on the right track.  Shot by good friend and director Charles McDowell, the director for Already Dead (which too is nearing completion, will let you know when that is done).
-“Pretense” wrapped, but have to go back and do some ADR before that’ll be done.

That’s all for now!

Edit:  This fits with today.