Winging it

What’s new:

  • Just did a gig with FUZE TV that will get shown on national television/media billboards throughout Times Square.  It consists of me destroying some poor sap in a hot wing eating competition in between the #5 and #4 slots on a music video countdown.  Not sure when it airs, but if you see some guy in the next few weeks covered in wing sauce in obvious gastrointestinal distress, it’s probably me.
  • Just had a chat with the manager I was hoping to sign with.  He’s not able to take me at this time.  On to the next one.
  • Today was the first day of the Esper two year.  My guess is the first couple months will be rehashing some of the stuff covered in the summer intensive.  I can’t wait to delve back into the work.
  • The Aussie buddy crashing on my couch left.  What a blast we had.  He’s off to Vancouver to shoot a pilot with another good friend of mine, talented guys.  Looking forward to seeing how that plays out.
  • Auditions here and there.  I’ll be filming the Elvis video audition after the 25th.
  • Rhapsody Collective starts their second cycle of plays in the coming months, so I’ll be a part of that.

That’s it.  More when more happens.