Hey there, internet, it’s been a while

The Miss Longview Texas Drag Pageant came and went, was very well received.  It’s undergoing rewrites over the next few months, should be brought back over the summer.  There are some good incriminating production stills, further ensuring that my uncles and aunts will never again be able to take me seriously.

I wouldn't either.

Esper wrapped up for the winter on December 18th, so I jaunted back to Seattle for the holidays. After much food and pacific northwest hospitality, I returned to New York in the middle of some rough weather.  The term polar vortex sounds really cool, but is in fact awful.  Classes resumed today. Moved after getting a fantastic buyout on the lease of my old apartment.  74th and Columbus in the UWS now, swanky to be sure.  I finally bit the bullet and bought ProTools, an audio interface, and a solid microphone.  It will significantly help out with future sound design, and was the only way I was able to complete the Longview sound design in the short span of time allotted. Now up on the docket:

  • Rhapsody resumes with our second play cycle, we’re in process for that right now, 2nd meeting is this Monday.
  • Class
  • Finishing moving in to my apartment
  • This one’s really cool.  A friend that went to high school with my brother lives in New York, and is doing some amazing music and video production stuff with Scheme Engine (get to know these guys).  You remember that video where Jay-Z is chatting up that old lady on the subway?  Yeah, that’s Scheme Engine.   Well, the guy is one hell of a musician and producer, and is in the process of recording his first EP.  Annnnnd he wants me to do guitar.  Which is amazing.  Definitely pumped on this.

That’s my immediate future.  I’m sure more will unfold down the way.  Here’s to a brilliant new year.