Long time

Well, it’s been a minute.  The past few months:

- Finding myself more drawn to chakra/energy work as a system for releasing blocks in the body and voice.  After working privately with a teacher for one hour, my voice was incredibly resonant and about a half octave lower.  There was an openness and emotional availability that I’ve been searching for in my work for some time.  For a while I’ve had a lot of apprehension to energy work, what I used to perceive as foo-foo hippy garbage that no intellectual could possibly blah blah blah.  I’ve come to realize that chakra work, for my purposes, is a labeling system for areas where tension is stored in the body.  The less tension, the more responsive the instrument.  If chakra work is a way to get there (and it’s looking like it is), I’m willing to investigate it deeper.
- Subway project resumes after a month lag.  Both the director and I found ourselves busy, and lost a fair amount of momentum, but we return to location scouting tonight, along with some test shots.  Amassing more and more actors, writers, etc.
- My boy James Challis should be coming to town around Christmas with his lady, it’ll be good to catch up with them.
- Assigned scene work in class.  We’ve been working on impediments (injury, drunk, accents), and I have multiple in my scene, so I’m excited to explore that part of the technique with a script.
- I’ve been doing good work in my Alexander, Voice, and Script Analysis classes.  Struggling some with Movement and Acting at the moment.  It’s humbling to realize I don’t have all the answers, I’m not always going to put on a brilliant performance, and that that’s ok.  I’m a student.  Trying to give myself more permission to learn.
- I’ve been sent two scripts to critique and return to their respective playwrights, and have proceeded to completely blow them off – should get on those sometimes next week.  Alex, Charles, I’m talking to you here.
- I’ve noticed that people in my life have started to take me more seriously as an actor.  It’s a good feeling, having people bounce ideas off you who are genuinely interested in your feedback.

It’s looking like the coming months are going to be more Underground pre-production and more class.  We’re getting closer and closer to casting for the film, so that’s exciting.  Possibly have leads on “named” actors, so that could help.  More will be revealed.