Where I've been

It looks like it’s been about two months.  Dang.

My life has been going well.  I turned 25 last weekend, winter is finally leaving.  Class is going well – nearing the end of the first year, hopefully I’ll be invited back for round two.  Rhapsody throws the new cycle of shows together in two weeks.  I was cast in a lead role in a pilot, which films this coming weekend – trying not to get overexcited, but it could be big.

I’ve been trying to keep gratitude on my mind.  I have a lot to be thankful for, sometimes I get too caught up and forget.  Sure my best friends are far away – but they’ll keep, and the quality of relationship that we have is not one that is endangered by the limits of geography.  Yeah, I’m not booking constant paying work – but I’m leagues above where I was a year ago.  Other than the occasional malady, I’ve got my health.  I’ve got family.

Trying to take things a day at a time.