Through our second round of generals

Of the last 60 hours, I have spent 26+ of them watching actors read.  Probably another 14 emailing, writing, scheduling.    The audition room was small and warm.  I wore the same pants for three days.

Totally worth it.  

I head back to school tomorrow after a spring break spent grinding on a project that once existed only as a series of pictures, small pieces and ideas floating around that have started to form into a larger whole.  At times it pisses me off, because everything is happening now, right as school is at its absolute hardest, and time is stretched thin and I'm not as patient with myself or others as I would like to be.  But I'm really hopeful, and I love the momentum we're moving on right now.

There are still a few specialist roles we'll have to call in for, and we still need to send out the prompt for the video auditions, but we've seen enough actors to narrow down for callbacks for most of the core cast.  Big stuff.

An actor came in Saturday night that really reminded me why I started this journey in the first place.  I was deeply moved by an audition, and it didn't matter that I was in the same room I've been in all day, or that I was running on coffee and wishful thinking.  Everything fell away, and I was completely caught up with this person.  A good reminder that I'm on the right track.