Old photos, assorted updates

There's a computer that lives in the back of my closet. It's a 2007 Mac Desktop that I hold onto because it's the only thing I have old enough to run an older version of Protools. I pulled it out to do some work, and in an effort to free up some space on a rapidly dying machine, I went to delete some old files. 

The following are photos I stumbled upon that in some ways chart my progress from 2007 until now.

Undergrad. The first head shots I ever got, some stills from various productions. 

I'd graduate, do a show and a summer internship for Sound Design, and move back to Seattle. 

I'd do a few shorts and student films in Seattle. Began producing the first of my own work. I learned how to ride a motorcycle just long enough to crash it.

After nine months, I'd move to New York. My first year here, I linked up with a few small theatre companies, was in a few plays.

In the single greatest photo of me that exists, I nearly made it into the Blue Man Group.

Not quite.

Not quite.

I enrolled in the summer intensive at Esper, and then the two year program after that. While I was there, I'd be involved in a few shorts, a few features, and acted in the first short film that would later become the pilot episode for Soon By You.

After Esper, I began work on Scenes From The Underground while continuing to audition. While co-writing, producing, and preparing to act in that, I'd get a featured role in The Girl On The Train. I'd learn that my type was generally "the guy with the punchable face".

Since all this, Soon By You has shot a whole first season. Scenes is in post production. I've continued to produce my own work. I've continued to use sound design to keep myself around the theatre, even when I'm not acting.  

Tomorrow I attend the premiere of a feature I'm in, at a theatre eight blocks from where I live, that will receive nationwide distribution. Pickings, coming 03/02/18. 

This March will be my five year mark in New York. It's shaped up well.