Soon By You, Del Valle, and more

2017 has been going pretty well so far. I was best man in my brothers wedding down in New Orleans, which was a blast.

Came back right after that to shoot out the 4th episode of Soon by You, should be going live sometime in late may. Always a blast to work with that team. A few stills from our central park scene, c/o Fiona G Photography:

The day after we wrapped, we had a photoshoot for some new promotional material, c/o Abbie Sophia Photo.  

Probably shouldn't have gotten into the matzoh. 


Scenes is still chugging along in post. We submitted to IFP, will post more if/when we hear back. I have a good feeling about it.

In addition to acting, I do sound design for theatre. Ned Van Zandt, a good friend of mine, has been workshopping his auto-biographical one man show Del Valle for the past few years, and it's going up tonight in Marfa, Texas. Here's an interview about it on NPR affiliate KTEP - worth it for the stories alone. I was fortunate enough to do the sound for it. There's plans to move it to London's West End. Ned's a brilliant performer, it's a pleasure to see someone so present and in their element. Growing up on Mike Daisey's and John Leguizamo's solo shows, I've always been fascinated by the solo performance element, especially when based off of true events. It was wonderful to see it come together firsthand.

What's next - still chugging away on the script for All Who Wander, going slower than I'd like, but it's quality stuff. Still auditioning, still looking for representation.  Helped my friend KC Arora with his pilot presentation, currently developing a pilot with one of my closest friends James Challis we're aiming to film in the fall.  That's it for now!