September 16th

Just received the script for Soon By You's 5th episode. One of the strongest comedy scenes I've ever been given, very excited to shoot that in a few weeks. First read through is tomorrow.

A feature script I helped workshop was just accepted into the Blockbuster category at the Oaxaca Filmfest screenplay competition, excited to see how that plays out. Way to go David Power!

Pickings, a feature film I have a supporting role in, was just picked up by AMC Independent and will receive theatrical distribution in select theatres in LA, New York, and Austin in March 2018.

Sound designed a play that opened last week at Roy Arias Studios.  Brilliant Traces, by Cindy Lou Johnson. Directed by David Newer.

Taking the pilot I've been working on in a new direction, ditching the procedural element I sort of forced on there in favor of something more character driven, if perhaps less commercially viable. Hard to say at this point, but I'm satisfied with the changes.

Locked the location for the horror feature. A farm in Camano Island, WA. Some pictures:


Finally put together a press page on this site, happy with how that turned out.  

That's it!