Pickings, LA

Finally made my way out west to see what all this LA business was about. Saw some old friends which was great. Met with a few people about the short I'm working on. Got in just the right amount of touristy stuff. 

No longer the tallest guy in the room.

No longer the tallest guy in the room.

Got back, enrolled in Heidi Marshall's class for later in March, and attended the Pickings premiere at the Lincoln Center AMC. It comes out in selected AMC theatres across the country tomorrow. Check it out!

It's taken a long time, but I should have a finished first draft of All Who Wander by the end of March, which is great. After that, it's back to rewrites for the short, which now in no way resembles its original incarnation. 

Got my first residuals for The Girl On The Train, which is fantastic. Helping friends with a few of their projects, figuring out Slated's platform for projects in development. Will post more as it occurs.