June 12th, 2018

Been a while since my last update, some things I had to take care of over the last few months.

  • Had some health issues that culminated in surgery ten days back. Here's what they did, with robots, because we live in the future.
  • Used the recovery time to transition from ProTools to Logic. Picked up a midi controller, been fiddling around as I teach myself the new DAW. A sample:
    • Long time coming, but the first draft of All Who Wander is finished. There will be some significant rewrites and revisions, with more steps after that. It's the first full length feature I've written as the sole screenwriter, feels pretty good to have a concrete product.
    • Got bored, had some down time, so chopped off all my hair. Because summer.

    There's some other stuff on the radar, nothing too crazy. Mainly focusing on getting my health back over the next month. Looking forward to eating solid food again, getting back to the gym, and back to auditions. I've had to turn down four gigs since this all began over four months ago, so it'll be nice to get things back on track.

    That's it.